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Web Designing

In a Web Design Professional, site programming is written in a robust, object-oriented programming language. A professional web design is expandable and adds new modules, so adding or removing site features does not need to change the entire site. A professional website has high security to prevent unauthorized users from changing content on the site.

Web Application

Cotint has been able to provide specialized services in the area of site design by using proprietary and open source content management systems.  The dedicated website design, with all the standards of design and SEO, brings to your attention experts in the field of Cotint.

Mobile Application

Many business executives and professionals have come up with the design of the Android app design application and the design of the iOS app, to bring the best of their services and products. One of the most important and largest organizations in the field of designing and designing mobile apps for social networks

Content Providing

Content management is the heart of a system, we've made it easy for you. By creating attractive, useful and relevant content, you can attract real users, provide them with the information they need, and build their trust. In this way, they will become loyal customers and will always come to you for information

Digital Marketing

With the right and targeted advertising you can target only your real customers. In this way, not only will your advertising impact be greatly increased, which will save a lot of costs.


SEO means editing website elements and enhancing its credibility in the Internet. As a result, when the user searches for phrases related to your work, you will see your name on the front page and will surely be coming to you. This means your website traffic will increase, and this is equivalent to more revenue.